Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things that I am enjoying

Two Dog was right. There has to be something good:

  • Love having a full fridge, it somehow makes me feel... accomplished?, yes even just the sight of it
  • Have graduated from soda to chocolate milk to try and be more healthy... it's a step... a baby step! It makes me happy! =-)
  • Love the feeling and smells of summer starting to think of turning in and reemerging as fall
  • Have been researching retreats - I could really get into this. Pick me up and plop me down somewhere in the middle of nowhere ... but preferably near a body of water...
  • New fish in the fishy pond! And none have died yet... Hot dog!
  • Have been faithfully reading every night before bed for at least a 1/2-hour
  • Love the cold sheets after a long hot day
  • Blessed and thankful to be still employed
  • My zoom zoom car with new tires that make it that more easy to zoom around, hug the road, and shift into bliss