Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not what I asked for

For months I took an alternate route home from work. It wasn't far off the beaten path... but different nonetheless. Everyday I would diligently take that detour, with the high hopes of seeing him. I was pretty sure this was the road he took home. If I could just catch a glimpse of him... that would be so great. Months went by. No no no. I never did see him in passing on that road.

Fast forward to yesterday... driving home with a tiller on the back of the truck to till up the back yard. I'm on the same alternate route,  but this is a different kind of ride this time. He is in the front seat next to me, laughing and smiling. I can barely wrap my little noggin around this. This is far better than what I originally thought I wanted... (to catch a glimpse.) Wow.

I start to laugh a little too, thinking about all of this. But he can tell I'm laughing about a secret something. He asks what's so funny. And so I tell him. Tell him how I took this road for months... to see him. My humility on the table. And, as it turned out, his work had moved, so this wasn't the route he took. Ha. And then he tells me that he thought I worked at a certain place too, and he drove by there every day on his lunch break, hoping to catch a glance of me. But, as it turned out, I worked in another part of the city... which was a short jaunt of 6 blocks, from the new location of his work. 6 blocks a part. This whole time :)